Global Philanthropy Strategies supports transformed learning - in institutions and organizations

and for individuals. We specialize in:

* Bringing diverse stakeholders together for collaboration.

* Sills Development - working with partners to create opportunities to transform learning environments

     ….. in K-22 education to support real-world inquiry-based learning through knowledge-building

           strategies and methodologies

     ….. in the world of entrepreneurship to develop competences and creative mindsets that embrace

           the concept of producing products and services of value to others

     ….. in the nonprofit sector to support efficiency and effectiveness of organizations through strategic

            planning, capacity building and management

* Telecollaboration - connecting people through virtual environments that allow them to enter into

conversations around issues ​that will lead to collaboration. Our consultants are certified Erasmus+

Dialogue facilitators that allows them to create programming that engages individual in meaningful

dialogue and to share intercultural experiences online, as part of formal or non-formal education as

well as community engagement to relationship-building.  All people that participate in Virtual Exchanges

receive an official certificate and virtual badge under the Mozilla Open Badges Initiative. 

Our consultants work with organizations on every continent and have expertise in a variety of realms -

from business to philanthropy, education to entrepreneurship - all focused toward social impact.


Creating a new culture for collaboration

in accelerating the United Nation's

Sustainable Development Goals

and other initiatives that improve life

on the only place we all call home

      European Projects in

Combining entrepreneurship education 

and training with inquiry-based learning, 

exercises to acquire a growth mindset and

a Community of Practice around

entrepreneurship to enable individuals

​to become entrepreneurial

​           OUR PROJECTS 



Supporting processes required to

coalesce diverse people to collaboratively

analyze and address complex problems

that transcend borders.​​


​​​EntreComp Entrepreneurship

A complete ecosystem for active,

experiential, real-world learning

and teaching in K-12 Education​.

EntreComp Training


Cross-Border Collaboration

Virtual connections that support  an

exchange of dialogue from with people

who share similar challenges

Education and Training

​​One Plan For One Planet


Inspire fresh thinking that can transform ideas into opportunities 

to improve lives and maximize the potential of individuals to be successful.

Our work enables people to coalesce around issues

to collaboratively analyze and address complex challenges

Learning & Teaching Ecosystem

Our work is based on evidence, research, in-depth analysis and proven processes and methodologies

focused on enabling organizations to face the future with proactive strategies and aggressive innovation.

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ALTE - Alternative 

Training individuals to become entrepreneurial,

able to transform ideas and opportunities into

​products and services of value to others.​

Making Connections for

Effective Collaboration