Anyone at any age and at any stage of life

can become an entrepreneur!

The EntreComp framework from the European

has identified a progression of acquiring skills that will 

lead a person to becoming entrepreneurial - that is,

transforming ideas and opportunities into products

and services of value. EntreComp learning can take

place in both formal and non-formal learning environments.

Modules around the 15 EntreComp competences around

identifying ideas and opportunities, into action of producing

value to other and resources that support a person on the

entrepreneurship journey are available online, delivered

via elearning mechanisms. ​Training activity is coordinated

through our partners - entrepreneurship ecosystems;

educational institutions and other learning environments;

nonprofit organizations and affinity groups; private sector

enterprises and public sector institutions. Our work takes us

around the globe,and we are equipped to bring our model

anywhere on Earth.

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