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Unprecedented Opportunities for Collaboration

To Co-Create Solutions to Global Goals!




​​            Implementing the Model in

        Diverse Learning Environments


​​            Why?

Fishing was in Tony's blood. Generation 
after generation of Tony's family were cast
fishermen, using traditional means of bringing
in the daily haul of the sea's bounties. Over-
fishing the waters around Tony's home meant
he had to find something else to support him
and his family. Enter Don Evans, project
manager for the Yap Pilot Project of 

Empowering Problem Solvers.  "Tony has


UN Sustainable Development Goals


​One Plan 4 One

Planet will develop

and deploy an

Open Badge Platform

that will serve as a common system

 for the issuance,

collection, and

display of digital

badges earned upon completion training. 

Learn more  here.

​​​​Centralized themes are

also categorized as 

​"collections" that enable 

users to discover ideas

for new markets and

niches of the SDG,

investment opportunities 

and collaboration. Users 

tap into a variable supply of innovative and ground-

breaking ideas to solve

the major challenges

facing humankind. 

Projects are geolocated

tagged in clusters:
- AFR:  Africa
- ASI:   Asia
​- AUS:  Australia/New Zealand
- CAm: Central America
- EUR:  Europe
- MEA:  Middle East
- NAm: North America
- PAC:  Pacific/Oceania/Island Nations
- SAm: South America​

​- MIS:  Others/Antarctica/Greenland


          * Applicable to Multiple Sectors *

A work in progress from

Global Skills Network

From Fisherman


The One Plan 4 One Planet

platform supports The Forum, 

monitored by experts in the

centralized themes. Post a

question in The Forum and

get a customized answer that

enables users to get on with

creating their enterprise when

encountering bumps in the

road. It is also invaluable

toward getting more people

involved as a complement to

​other online resources.




• Formal Education - K-22 schools, including

  after-school programming in a variety of   

  educational settings: public schools, charters, 

  private schools, international schools,

  baccalaureate schools, etc.

• Non-formal learning environments - the

   "oxygen" of a lifelong learning society
• Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and co-work
• Innovation / Research Centers, Economic

   Development, Rebuilding Community
• Nonprofits, refugee relocation efforts 

Virtual Exchanges / Communities of Practice

Trench warriors are characterized as countless individuals who are motivated to solve the

very SDG-related problems that impact their lives - but don’t know how. They are the people

who have an idea for a venture that will create jobs in their community or produce products

and services of value to themselves and to others but need guidance to become successful

entrepreneurs. They are collaborators with resources who truly care about making a

difference in the world and seek ways to make meaningful contributions to solving problems.

                          And they are the human faces of the SDGs!


Phase 3  transforms the resource nodes into hubs able to branch out into communities in

close proximity or focus on a specific topic or target group. This helps establish the model in

whatever context is of importance to that community or groups in terms of focusing on the

SDGs. The community of practice is mobilized toward serving a complementary role of helping

craft a vision for groups wanting to replicate the model. This is an important component of the

project in view of the fact that no community of practice on the SDGs exists today. By recruiting 

institutions that support both formal and informal learning, nonprofits, stakeholders, seniors,

philanthropists, entrepreneurship ecosystems and others wanting to implement the model in

their community, a continued roll-out of replicated models occurs. A new cadre of trainers 

expands the impact the model will have in increasing the number of trench warriors combating 

the issues surrounding the SDGs. 

We placed high emphasis on monitoring, evaluation, assessment and learning (MEAL), with

data-collecting instruments in place on day one for rigorous evaluation-related activities that

follow OECD guidelines. Effective assessments of relationships, outputs and outcomes are

extremely critical to support effective communications and dissemination of information

regarding our successes. These processes also help funders understand the immeasurable

value their support had in bringing a project to fruition that moves forward an agenda that 

also reflects their interests, priorities and dedication to the issues at hand.

One Plan 4 One Planet focuses on

entrepreneurship for social impact

and innovation. With most of our

centralized themes felt most acutely

by people who have been historically

marginalized, telling their stories is

key to eliciting empathy towards 

bringing people together in

collaboration. Storytelling frames 

needs in powerful messages to 

connect us, engage us and bring to

life the various challenges we are

collectively attempting to solve. It

is also the path toward sharing stories

far and wide through the most popular

online social media platforms - Twitter, 

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and

Snapchat, as well as other communities

engendering a sharing culture, and the

popular media ​as well. 


VI Inclusion / 

​Social Equity

​​​AKA the tasks of

bringing participants

to the virtual platform

once the​ project

goes live.


​​Who Are These Problem Solvers?

 to Entrepreneur


​​Phase 2 scales the RNs in geographic scope and the contexts within which the model can

be applied and deepened while maintaining a focus on addressing the SDGs. Partners in this

phase include a mix of academic institutions, nonprofits, entrepreneurship ecosystems, idea

                           and innovation  centers, formal and informal learning environments and

                           others. They will participate as additional resource nodes to recruit 

                           beneficiaries for training to become entrepreneurial. They will also

                           contribute data from their resource nodes and help paint the vivid picture

                           of the Global Goals needed to show the human faces of the SDGs in action. 

This phase also gives us an opportunity for extensive dissemination, especially important to

educate policymakers. We intend to use data from the resource nodes to inform them of both

the SDGs' impact on their community and also of the project's aims at serving the community

by accelerating the solutions needed to address the Global Goals. At the end of the project,

we will have established a network of resource nodes around the world working on solving

a wide range of the SDGs that will serve to inspire the model's replication in Phase 3.

SDG, ILO and

SMART Cities 

"taxonomies”  – or

classifications –

bridge the gap

between the

targets and




Meeting present-day needs without 

compromising the ability

of future generations
to meet their own needs

tagged by geography,

taxonomies, user

* people worldwide, of any age and preferably 

with an inter-generational approach

* those from disadvantaged and/or 

marginalized communities

* social entrepreneurs
* young people not in education or

with no skills - or wrong skills
* not actively working, retired, unemployed

or underemployed because of the economy
​* forced to emigrate if they are to find jobs

and prosperity and refugees

* students, from middle school to post-graduate studies


Discover Aspiring

and Inspiring

Problem Solvers

Just Like You!

To Tackle Goals for the One Place Humankind Calls Home

EntreComp is 

the European


Framework for




Learn more about EntreComp







​​​            Centralized Themes



​​​Theory of Change

   Centralized Themes

​    Knowledge Base

VIII. Disaster



The model is rolled out in three phases: 

Phase 1 involves designing, developing and deploying RESOURCE NODE (RN) prototypes

that focus on program delivery to diverse beneficiaries, most of whom will be directly affected

by the SDGs. Programming delivery in contexts of serving focused targeted groups features

EntreComp entrepreneurship education delivered via e-learning. Face-to-face instruction in

inquiry-based learning complements EntreComp for a total learning experience in problem

solving. Training will focus on becoming entrepreneurial toward coming up with solutions to

the issues surrounding the SDGs during years 1-4 of the project, which begins with model

RNs targeting outreach to specific groups or concentration on topics. Here is a sampling of

possible focused RNs:
Lebanon: ameliorating conditions that deny refugees the means to become autonomous

  and productive
Micronesia: a model for island nations with large groups directly impacted by the SDGs
Murcia Spain: advocacy around the disabled and handicapped 

- Tunis Tunisia:  disengaged and unemployed youth
Maryland: engages retirees and seniors as entrepreneurs, mentors and volunteers 
Detroit MI: coalesces people attempting to rebuild a devastated community
Tirana Albania: looks at the needs of a rural population and sparsely-populated areas
Kaunas Lithuania: new models to support SMEs that hire, increase revenues, secure

  capital and innovate to support economic development of regions
Miami FL: addresses the needs of immigrant populations to acclimate to a new life

- Alexandria Egypt: looks at the peace-building process and intercultural dialogue

- Helsinki Finland: targeting early school leavers and preventing high school dropouts

- Transylvania Romania: reaching out to marginalized and disadvantaged communities

- Collique Peru:  orphaned children and/or teens aging out of foster care

Zaandam The Netherlands: Prison education

​- Bryansk Russia: biointensive gardening and agrifoods production

- Plovdiv Bulgaria: reversing emigration crisis - the "brain drain" of young professionals 

​- Beersheba Israel: entrepreneurship training in tertiary education settings 

- Las Vegas NV: higher ed/K-12 public school district partnerships for teacher education

- Lawrence KS: the power of entrepreneurship ecosystems for startups

- Palermo Italy:  effectiveness in cross-border/transnational nonprofit collaboration

- Irvine CA: social innovation directed by philanthropy 

​- Henderson New Zealand:  ecotourism 

- Lisbon Portugal: eliminating geographic barriers to education through e-learning

- Stockholm Sweden: solo entrepreneurship in the gig economy

- Puebla Mexico: academic research on effective pedagogies in K-12 education

- Barcelona Spain: the home of SMART Cities Expo and resilient communities networks

- Sydney Australia: innovation in mass transit  




Today's petition-gathering sites don’t really engage in problem solving.

They relegate global citizens to the sidelines, watching, waiting and hoping

the group behind the organization hosting the site can make a difference in

a cause that is important to them. The virtual platform with its databases,

calls to action and support for co-creating solutions to the SDGs creates a

third-generation social media platform for problem solving and advocacy. 

It supports convergence points between crowd-sourcing and petition-signing

to identify solutions forged through entrepreneurship.  It supports a

cross-pollination and interchange of 

knowledge, opportunities and ideas.

It connects interests and geography, 

and brings attention to the SDGs

and the solutions being crafted to

accelerate them. It bridges the gap 

between Trench Warriors and global

citizens wanting to become engaged

in finding solutions to the SDGs

being brought to life by their

human faces.

     Anyone of any age or

     place in life, yearning

     to change the status

     quo and overcome 

     barriers that improve

​     living conditions for all,

     on the only place


        on earth

            calls home

II. Urban





Watch our video

introduction on

to our newsletter




III.  Resilient


IX. Mobility / 

Mass Transit

​​​We can prepare new cadres of problem-solvers, trained to apply

entrepreneurship principles and inquiry-based learning strategies

to come up with solutions ​to many challenges facing humankind.



problem solvers

to become


The Message is Clear:

Inaction Won't Save the Planet

​           CONTACT US

One Plan 4 One Planet


Problem Solvers

With Other

Problem Solvers

Telecollaboration supports people-to-people interactions to share experiences,

find collaborators and dialogue around issues. A virtual content-sharing platform

gains exposure to beneficiaries, ideas and solutions addressing the 31 centralized

themes, as noted above. Virtual exchange among beneficiary trainees create an

interactive setting through videoconferencing; this engages a global audience in

lively discussion about the innovation taking place around the world with the

creation of new entrepreneurial enterprises. We link the EMPOWERING PROBLEM

SOLVERS Resource Nodes to engender a spirit of collaboration! Our tools include

the most​ up-to-date technology in videoconferencing.

Communities of Practice

for the SDGs -

Making Connections

Across ​The Globe

Training Model combines proven learning strategies for entrepreneurship education,

collaborative, inquiry-based learning for the real world and a growth mindset.

But, as we have witnessed with decades of fundraising and advocacy

campaigns, neither will signing a petition nor sending in money to

support a cause.

ILO Flagship Programmes


Moderated by centralized theme experts

VII. Innovation



Armed with skills to turn

ideas and opportunities into

products and services of value

to society and to themsrelves

through entrepreneurship.

A growth mindset 

is an important

requirement for 

achieving success 

as an entrepreneur

and for becoming

an effective problem 

solver. Learn more 

about real-world

learning here.

Got a Question About the Centralized Themes? 

Our Forum Will Have the Answer!


them with other

problem solvers to


solutions through




IV. Governance




Intensify storytelling


Trench Warriors

to put a

Human Face

on the SDGs



in identifying



​for women and



             What problem are YOU trying to solve? Looking for collaborators or supporters?

                           Welcome to One Plan 4 One Planet 

Getting experts on the SDGs involved in sharing a wealth of knowledge to mobilize global citizens in accelerating the 

​Global Goals.

A Network of Support for Problem Solvers

With a Roadmap to Accelerate the

​UN Sustainable Development Goals

- Trench Warriors are aware of themes related to any of the SDGs being addressed

   because they are living it and the global goals impact them directly
- Motivated to acquire skills to solve the challenges they and their community are facing
- Training people adds value to their local communities
- Prevents aging of the workforce by retaining young people in situ
- Reduces crime from being unemployed with no means and no future
- Provides tools for marginalized communities to integrate into society

  (disabled, dropouts, retired people, ex-felons, etc.)

Not yet, but isn't

it a great idea?

Just not yet......


SMART Cities &

Resilient Communities




A work in progress

brought to you by

Global Skills Network,

Barcelona - Email us:

Visit us online at 





Communities of Practice for partners, project facilitators and sector professionals

involved in the EMPOWERING PROBLEM SOLVER Resource Nodes support 

networking ​​and sharing of resources.

Come on.....


by taxonomy,


venture, geography

and user

I. Digital


Just not yet......




by User

Details and



Find collaborators and supporters 

by common interests in centralized 

themes and by geography. The platform finds like-minded and kindred spirits you can network 

with by tagging user interests. Looking for mentor? Tagging

allows a search to be conducted

on the platform's database. Find 

people willing to share their experience and other resources to bring your entrepreneurial

venture to fruition! Users can

also generate leads to grow 

audiences and influence others,

thus garnering support for the resource nodes of the EMPOWERING PROBLEM SOLVERS Pilot Projects.


Problem Solvers For

Collaboration ​And To

Co-Create SDG Solutions

V. Finance /





The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also 

referred to as "the global goals", are a blueprint to achieve

a better and more sustainable future for all. The 17 goals

address the global challenges we face, including those

related to poverty

Closes the collaboration gap ​

that exists today to ​engage

global citizens in global causes

Real-world inquiry-

based learning


EntreComp for

a total learning

experience in

problem solving.

Read more about

these learning

strategies here.

One Plan 4 One Planet:

Where Problem Solvers come

to grow in network, create their

entrepreneurial ventures, share

their experiences and visions, 

and find like-minded collaborators

to co-create solutions to the

SDGs - the Global Goals




​We're Ready -  Let's Make

This Happen!!!!!

            The Plan.....

            Where to Begin?

​​They are our

Just not yet......

Our model combines proven strategies of entrepreneurship education from EntreComp,

the European Union's framework for identifying entrepreneurship as a competence in all

areas of life, with inquiry-based learning and facilitating trainees to acquire a growth

mindset. These three components of the model will enable them to respond to market

needs in different niches represented by the SDGs when coming up with products and

services representing solutions to the Global Goals. 




in locations

of the



Boy, Will We Have ​Stories to Tell!



in SDGs





One Plan 4 One Planet ushers in a

new culture for collaboration. The project's

keystone is a virtual platform that closes the collaboration gap.

It matches people with ideas and opportunities to create products and services

that address the challenges facing humankind with people willing to lend time,

talents and treasured resources to support them. Thus, the platform ushers in a

new culture of collaboration that prompts co-creation of solutions to the Global Goals.


We EMPOWER PROBLEM SOLVER to discover solutions to the

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

and connect them with their peers and with others

sharing interests in the same SDG

in order to co-create innovative solutions.

Whether you are new to the exciting field of entrepreneurship or you have already created

a business and now you are going for social impact, you are not alone. There are millions of

people just like you, trying to solve some of the most daunting challenges facing humankind.

This will prove to be an invaluable resource for teachers everywhere,

as there are currently no communities

of practice on the SDGs.